About Us

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 “Angel Companions on the Journey”

Goals and Commitments from Our By-Laws:

Purpose:   The Women of St. Rose shall create a community of women dedicated to growth in their love of God with greater knowledge in their faith that results in a closer and loving community.
These purposes shall be accomplished by:

a.  Recognizing the Blessed Mother and St. Rose as our patroness and model.
b.  Nurturing the faith of our parish family with the love and vision of Jesus as proclaimed in the Gospel through friendship, education and spiritual development.
c.  Meeting and working together for the welfare of St. Rose of Lima Parish and the community.
d.  Working with the Pastor to develop and integrate parish activities.

  • We will strive to engage more women of the parish to attend meetings and be active in the WSR.
  • We will strive to diversify and expand our community outreach.
  • We will strive to balance the social, spiritual, and service aspects of the WRS.

2018 Women of St. Rose Officers

President: Kerry Mckinney,  Email President

Vice President:  Michele Martorell, Email Vice President

Secretary:  Marilyn Johannson, Email Secretary

Treasurer/Website: Bridget Harris, Email Treasurer



Lord, as we discern the meaning of our call to servant leadership for the Women of St. Rose, help us recognize they ways you seek to minister through our lives.
Inspired by the knowledge of your abiding presence,
May we have the courage to reach out and support one another, to stand firm in what is true.
May we be wise in our discernment, balanced in our judgment, fair in our decision and visionary in our planning.
Though we may, at times, have differing views, may we listen to one another and be guided by our common goals.
My we always be mindful in our words and actions of what is best for all women in the Women of St. Rose.
Fill us with your spirit and courage so that we might bring our talents and gifts to this important work.
We ask this through Jesus Christ our  Lord, Amen.